Why a good real estate agent is always worth their fee

If you are planning to sell your house, you will find it very challenging to get a buyer. This may be attributed to drawbacks like time, marketing experience, network, and education. Hiring a real estate agent is the best solution as they know how to do it best. But this is usually for a fee. Most agents usually charge between 5-6% commission of the purchase price. The seller pays his agent who then equally shares with the buyer’s agent. The real estate agent commission charged is for his experience and exclusive marketing knowledge hence ensuring the seller makes the most cash out of selling his home.

The main purpose of a real estate agent is determining the market value of your house. This is to make sure the house is not priced too low or way above the market price as it can cost the seller huge losses. If the price is too high, it will discourage possible buyers and if too low buyers will question the quality of the home. Other roles of an agent from home buyers houstonrehousebuyers.com include:

– An agent can help you set up the house available to be purchased, hold open houses and of course, advertise the house.
– An agent can assist you in filling the required paper work to ensure all legal matters are met.
– An agent can advertise your house through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
– An agent can assist you negotiate the most favorable price for your house.

A real estate agent thus ensures that the process of buying and selling a house proceeds on smoothly.

Most sellers tend to think selling a house on their own is a great way to save as they perceive real estate agents an expensive. People will often claim they saved a lot of money when they sold a house without the services of an agent, and even in a day or two. The logic behind selling it in a day is because they sold the house below the market price. A great real estate agent could have made more money for the seller than his commission. Real estate agents are experts in pricing, marketing and determining the worth of your house making their services expensive. However, they get home owners much more money than they could themselves. An agent can overprice the house because the higher the price of the house, the higher the commission they make.

It is very strenuous to determine the value of a house without the required expertise or access to MLS. Properties sold in the recent past provide very important information required in valuing a home which is readily available in MLS. Only licensed agents have access to MLS. With their excellent understanding of local markets, features and locations of houses, agents can determine the real value of a home correctly, which is much more burdensome for someone who is not an agent.

Real estate agents have mastered the art of marketing homes. They know how to make the best brochures, take the most attractive pictures and which newspapers and magazines to promote in. Real estate agents have a broad network and will frequently have buyers waiting for a house similar to yours. You can’t put your house for sale in MLS and expect buyers unless it is under priced.

A real estate agent knows how to examine state contracts. He knows what both the seller and the buyer is accustomed to paying. Without the help of an agent, you could end up paying much more than you are expected.

Lastly, an agent knows people in his line of business like title companies, creditors, and other agents. They can assist the seller to find contractors with best services and best fees if repairs are needed after an inspection.

Using the services of an agent are expensive but worth it. They do a lot to ensure that sellers get the most out of their houses. However, finding a good agent is challenging, but if you find the right one, either through referrals, you will find the fees spent on him worth it.